About us

Steve Heatherington

Steve runs the workshop, which is part of Audio Change Makers.

He was a former student and then Head Coach for the workshop from 2020-2023, working with the founders, Alex DiPalma, (podcast producer and co-founder of Domino Sound), and Seth Godin (best-selling author and host of the Akimbo podcast).

Steve is a podcasting shepherd. He works to help students not only find their voices but use them. He is passionate about helping people with something to say to get their message out in the wild.

He has a natural affinity with tech plus an insatiable curiosity. Problem-solving is his default mindset. He can often be heard asking his computer, “So why are you doing that?”.

Steve is an alpaca shepherd based in a valley in South Wales with 36 alpacas, which inspires his podcast, Alpaca Tribe (with over 230 weekly episodes).

He is also the producer of the Pod BuffetAn eclectic mix of new podcasts from fresh podcasters worldwide (ie. workshop graduates).

Audio Change Makers is a community for alumni of our workshops. It is a place to become even clearer about your message, refine your production process, and establish your creative practice. It is Next Step Podcasting.

Life is too short to make, or listen to bad podcasts.