The 60 Sec Challenge

Regularly recording yourself can help you make quicker progress with your podcasting skills. Share your 60sec a day audio in the workshop.

Practice for progress 60 seconds a day

Try recording 60 seconds of audio every day for 7 days (or even better, every day for the rest of the workshop). We will start by practising speaking out loud and recording and editing.

We have found that most people make quicker progress with their podcasting skills when they practice regularly. Recording 60 sec a day allows you to experiment and focus on particular learning objectives in bite-sized chunks. You have to practice doing the right things of course, or you just get good at bad habits. This short daily discipline will help you make progress.

Things to practice in 60 sec:

  • Recording – press record; setting levels; selecting mic’s; environment choice
  • Voice – finding yours; speed; sound
  • Breathing – how to do it quietly; and how to do enough of it
  • Reading from a script – (of course writing a script comes first) – how many words are in your 60 secs?; making it sound extemporaneous
  • Extemporaneous speaking – flying without a script
  • Storytelling – not just for fiction but all communication; story arc
  • Multi-tasking –
  • Monitoring –

60 Sec Guidelines

  1. Keep it to 60 sec – by not recording too much and by editing it down. It is a good discipline.
  2. Ship your work – perfection comes later – do the work and share it.
  3. Keep doing it – try to do it every day for a week. Then try doing it for another week. If you miss a day just do the next one, or the one after that. It is meant to be a discipline, not a punishment. Oh, and it is meant to be fun!
  4. Listen and respond generously to others – you may not be able to reply to them all but you can reply to some.
  5. Smile

Start by focusing on the audio and your delivery. Don’t get distracted by content too early. Then you can experiment and have even more fun later.