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Nadine Kelly

In all of my years of schooling, I did not experience such joy in learning as I did in The Podcasting Workshop. I was safe — no, encouraged — to be wrong. My colleagues brought out the best in me. I made something I’m proud of. I’m unstoppable and energized. Thank you.

Tricia Park

The Podcasting Workshop has simply changed my life. Alexandra DiPalma and Seth Godin are the most generous mentors anyone could hope for and the cohort is beyond supportive. I have always been skeptical of online education and have found it difficult to commit to. However, I not only committed to the process but found myself flourishing through the workshop. After years of fighting resistance and hesitation, this workshop gave me the tools and permission to create my own work and believe in my own voice. I cannot recommend The Podcasting Workshop enough.

Danny Van Leeuwen

I’ve been blogging weekly for 6 years. When I decided to do The Podcasting Workshop, I needed a roadmap and a supportive community. I’m an education cynic. The Podcasting workshop is the best kind of professional education. It was perfect. It’s amazing that the roadmap works for total novices. I learned as much from my fellow podcasters as I did from Seth, Alex and the coaches. If you’re considering the workshop: DO IT.

Jule Kucera

I was curious about podcasting but had no idea where to start. The Podcasting Workshop took a raw beginner, gave her short daily lessons, surrounded her with great coaches, and let her be supported by a friendly and helpful community. I now have a podcast and my new workshop friends have podcasts. We did it!

Robert Slater

One of the first things that I noticed when starting this workshop was that people joining did not like the sound of their voice. I was one of those people. The workshop took me from this place to publishing a weekly podcast. I had not planned to start a podcast but now enjoy a new aspect to my life. The coaches were great at encouraging us through the process and the platform itself is a wonderful, fun way to learn. Doing this workshop is one of those things that I have done in my life that I know has changed me as a person.

Pod O’Sullivan

If you want to learn about the technical aspects of podcasting, there are hundreds of other options. Go there. If you want to learn about the WHY, for WHOM and the HOW of great podcasting and be open to create from day one, receive feedback from day two and be launch ready by course end… then this is for you!

Carole Blueweiss

I went from, “Is making a podcast in the realm of possibility?” to “Wow! with this type of support and encouragement, I think I can do it and really learn what it takes to make a podcast”. The experience has been a mixture of learning the technical skills and also learning how attitude and generous support from the Akimbo team can make the biggest difference.

Matthew Word Bain

For almost a year, I had been trying to launch a podcast and nothing worked in my efforts, until I took this workshop! I was able to get on iTunes and all other podcast distribution platforms within 2 months! And I’m actually really proud of what I am creating, it’s real and I enjoy the process of creating now. I was able to find my voice, get comfortable recording, plus all the feedback from the whole “pod family” (community) is just priceless! You’ll be overwhelmed in a great way with almost every piece of information you need to know to become a podcaster, you’ll make friends and you’ll find purpose in doing it!

An energiser. The format pulls you in and pushes you along to creating your own podcast series.

Olaf Ransome

I’ve toyed with launching a podcast for many years, I’d get moments of inspiration and maybe think about some names for the podcast and of course my favorite was to go and buy equipment because I felt like that would help me progress to actually publishing something. Year after year went by and I still didn’t have a platform that I could call my own so when I saw The Podcasting Workshop I knew if I put the work in, this was finally my chance to create a voice for myself. The workshop process is well thought out and walks you through the step by step process of setting up the foundational elements of your podcast and then guides you finally publishing the work that has been put off for far too long. When I started, I didn’t have a name, didn’t have a topic and couldn’t even begin to imagine reaching out to people inviting them on the show. Now, before the end of the workshop, I have 12 episodes with high caliber people in the editing room and we have a queue of others waiting to be recorded. I couldn’t be any happier with my decision to join.

Matt Shields
Özlem Özkan

Thanks to all who were part of The Podcasting Workshop. It was an extraordinary journey to be part of this workshop. In an environment with generous coaches and all other students, I didn’t only learn, but also did the execution of the work. Shipping the work became part of every single assignment, which I did with lots of energy. I haven’t only learned about podcasting, I have evolved other skills such as giving feedback, listening to others, and most importantly, showing up!

The Podcasting Workshop should be renamed to The Anti-procastination Workshop. Before I enrolled, I’d been planning to create my podcast for about two years. At the end of the workshop, just 35 days after, I launched a podcast that I’m proud of. The magic formula is the combination of the inspiring lessons, the incredible coaches, Alexandra DiPalma and Seth Godin’s invaluable insights and specially, the generous support of the fellow colleagues from all over the world that share with you an incredible journey. I would recommend the workshop to all procrastinators and perfectionists out there.

Hernán Braberman
Liz Wiltzen

I’d been warming up to do a podcast for over a year, but wasn’t getting any closer to launching something real into the world. The Podcasting Workshop is concentrated rocket fuel in the form of daily actions and focused exercises combined with seriously helpful, friendly, provocative feedback from your comrades in arms that leads to AN ACTUAL LIVE PODCAST. On the final day of the 7 week program, I went live, and now have all the skills and inspiration I need to keep creating new episodes, along with guests and subject ideas lined up and ready to roll. Thanks Alex, Seth, the coaches and my cohort for helping me get it shipped!

What a journey of discovery this was. Not only about what podcasting is, including the tools and methods, but about the meaning of being a podcaster. In a noisy world, this is an introspective and empowering journey to find our own voice and tell stories that move people.

Patricio Ramal