Eight weeks – five for the lessons and an additional three to support your launch. 

Monday 8th April 2024.

$300 USD or $225 USD if you enrol by 18th March 2024.

If you discover this is not a good fit for you, we can discuss a refund.

There are five lessons per week, released each Monday, for five weeks. Plus, there is a weekly live call, which is recorded.

The lessons are short and can be done in your own time and pace through the workshop.

They cover:

  • Planning - your podcast, including your big idea, description and audience
  • Blueprint – your outline, including series and episode outline, style, format and introduction
  • Production – capturing your audio, including recording and doing interviews
  • Post-production – taming your audio, including editing, correcting, mixing, music and mastering
  • Publishing – the release, including trailer, artwork, hosting and promoting

The material includes videos, podcast episodes, lesson notes, resources and practical exercises.

Sharing your lesson responses, commenting on your peers and receiving feedback from the coaches makes this a powerful learning experience for all.

Only cohort participants and the workshop team can see your information and responses to the lessons.

Our guidelines are:

  • Contribute more than you ask
  • Be kind
  • What is said here stays here

You do not need previous experience or a high tech-level to participate. We start simple, and there is no such thing as a silly question.

We do live calls via Zoom. You will need a computer to record and edit your audio and access the internet.

A microphone and headphones are useful but the exact type will depend on how you will be recording and where. You can delay purchasing any new equipment until we discuss options in the workshop. Contact Steve if you have specific questions.

For nine weeks in total, from 1st April to 10th June 2024.

Beyond this, the lessons and other materials will be available to past participants on a different, private site. 

Need more?

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