Commitments change and new things develop. Seth and Alex are no longer directly involved in teaching in the workshop but if you know them, you can detect their influence in the material developed by Steve.

"This is a new thing with an older heritage, for which I remain forever grateful." [Steve Heatherington]

Steve runs the workshop and provides support through live teaching and Q&A calls plus feedback on the discussion board.

This is a workshop rather than simply an online course. It has a specific start date and a finish.

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Teaching material includes: podcast episodes, videos, and exercises plus live sessions and coaching support from Head Coach Steve Heatherington

There are two kinds of content:

  1. The audio and video that is presented throughout that features Steve Heatherington
  2. The work done by each of our participants, including people like you.

We release a new lesson Mon–Fri, over 5 weeks (25 total lessons). These incorporate audio and video components, depending on the lesson.

Every lesson comes with a set of questions that challenge you to explore how the lesson applies to your own work, and a call-to-action: to share your answers and insights on the discussion board.

That's the secret. People sharing their work, generously, repeatedly, with confidence.

The workshop revolves around your sharing, your commenting and your insights. Our 24/7 discussion board is a hotbed of connection and wisdom.

It's called a workshop because this is where the real work happens. You'll soon discover just how much you have in common with others on this journey, even if they live in a different country, serve a difference audience and have access to different resources. This diversity is hard to find anywhere else.

We release a new lesson Mon–Fri (25 total lessons) that include audio and video components.

I want you to be satisfied with your workshop experience.

We will probably both know quite quickly if it is not a good fit for you and we can consider a refund.

I also know unexpectedly life can get in the way and if it does, I am happy to discuss a deferral to a future session. If there are issues, please reach out to me, Steve.

We're delighted to say no. And no grades, either. We feel really strongly that a test-and-measure culture is ruining education.

The discussion board and workshop content are not available for an infinite amount of time. The learning experience is designed to be done in real-time with the support of your peers.

Participation in the workshop means you get a free bonus of two month's access to the Audio Change Makers community run by Steve. Continued access to that community is via a membership subscription.

The rules of our discussion board are:

  • Contribute more than you ask for.
  • Be kind.
  • What is said here, stays here.

With that said, please use your best judgment. If it's not something you can happily post online, best to disguise the details before you post it here.

None. This workshop doesn’t require prerequisites or prior knowledge. Bring your curiosity and generosity and that’s more than enough.

Need more?

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