AUDACITY: three things to know and three places to go

Audacity is a capable Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) useful for podcasters

Three things to know

1. Audacity is Simple

The learning curve is not as steep as some other DAWs. It’s pretty easy to get on top of the things you need to learn.

2. Audacity is Powerful

It has all the features to record, edit and output audio for a podcast. It does most of what we need straight out of the digital box.

3. Audacity is Free

Open source software with an active community of developers, Audacity is free and cross-platform. This is why we choose to use it for the Podcasting Workshop. Of course, there are other options available but this is a good place to start.

Three places to go


The main website for all things Audacity


The online manual for Audacity


More detailed explanations and how-to videos providing support for users of Audacity