Seth Godin launched his Akimbo podcast, with Alex Di Palma of Domino Sound as his producer. Together, they devised and ran the first podcasting workshop, and Steve Heatherington was a student in the second cohort.

By 2019, Steve was invited to coach on the workshop and was appointed head coach in early 2020.

Several thousand students, 11 cohorts, and umpteen updates later…

… but in the meantime, Steve had also launched and produced Pod Buffet, with 191 episodes showcasing students’ podcasts; co-founded Forward Podcasters, a regular community for alums; co-produced a number of The Carbon Almanac podcasts, particularly Carbon Sessions; and created over 260 episodes of his Alpaca Tribe podcast.

In 2022, when Akimbo shifted focus away from the workshops, Alex Di Palma and Steve took The Podcasting Workshop to Maven. From there, Steve updated the teaching and now runs the whole workshop on Circle, the community platform.

The Podcasting Workshop is global, with students from across the world. See the testimonials and hear what they have to say.

You are in good company.