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The Podcasting Workshop provides the tools and resources to take the leap and create your own podcast.

Teaching material includes: podcast episodes, videos, and exercises, plus live teaching sessions and Q&A with me,
Steve Heatherington

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Find your voice

Find your voice by using it and making the change you know we need.

Getting attention shouldn’t be about shouting loudly, but about having something valuable to say.

The proven technology of Podcasting offers you an open mic. It is a chance for people like you with something to say to find people who’d like to hear you say it.

Now more than ever

There’s a need for leadership, for positive voices and for the power of connection. We can speak up, stand up and lead, on whatever project is dear to us. We can create the future we want to see.

The way forward requires empathy and practice. We are each charged with standing up and telling our story, our true stories of possibility, as we weave together a better future.

We’ve all seen firsthand the effect of a powerful story and how much we rely on trusted voices to help us move forward. The magic of podcasting is that the door is open for you to become one of those leaders.

Share your voice

Podcasting is the generous act of showing up, earning trust and authority because you care enough to raise your hand and speak up.

We’ve found an effective way for anyone (especially you) to get started in podcasting. The Podcasting Workshop has helped more than three thousand people reach their goal of learning to podcast.

Learning the technology is the easy part. It’s the peer support, the community and the bias for shipping that really matter. The workshop operates with small cohorts which strengthens this.

People from all over the world, from 18 yrs old to 60+, learn how to create a podcast they can be proud of. We learn by doing. If you’re ready to explore having a podcast, this workshop will open the door and help you launch.

If you’ve considered that this might be your moment to leap into this medium, we hope you’ll consider committing to The Podcasting Workshop and joining others on your journey.

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